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Survival Guide

The Ultimate Survival Guide

Welcome to the ultimate survival guide, where we will share a host of survival skills with you.. Advancements in outdoor clothing, equipment, emergency food and techniques have been growing extremely fast in recent years. For those new to the outdoors, there is now an unlimited amount of information on survival skills and equipment available! However, […]

Solar Powered Survival Gear

10 Solar Powered Survival Gear Items

There are some emergency scenarios where solar powered survival gear can be a literal life saver. The sun provides us with more clean energy than we’ll ever need and it’s for this reason, along with the advances of technology, that solar powered gear is becoming more and more popular. This article was made to guide […]

How to purify water in the wild

How To Collect and Purify Water in The Wild (5 Methods)

In the wild, water is like gold dust. You could survive up to 3 weeks without food, but without water, bring that number down to a few days! In a survival situation, pretty much nothing else matters if you can’t find, collect and purify your own water. Water-borne pathogens like cholera, typhoid fever and Hepatitis […]

Best Bushcraft Backpack

Best Bushcraft Backpack (2020 Buyers Guide)

When you’re out and about in the wild, what is the best bushcraft backpack to have attached to your back? To help you make the best decision, you should be thinking things like high mobility, lightweight, durability and waterproof/water resistant. These are four boxes your bushcraft backpack absolutely has to check. In this article I’ll […]

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